Not sure my hair type and how to style it

First,I'm not sure which type my hair is,can u help out?I attach some pics.Second,I need some suggestion to style my hair daily those that don't require any scrunchie or braids,because I do that a lot for daily style. Because if not my hair is so messy. And I'd like to know what kind of haircut suits me.Thanks.

3 Answers

There are no pictures attached to the question. As for styles, you can try twist outs, bantu-knot outs, wash and gos, perm rod sets, flexi rod sets, roller sets, curlformers, etc. 
Hey love, try uploading a picture again. When I see what youre working with I can give you some suggestions. If you are indeed 2c like your hair curl type says, I couldnt suggest the same exact hair styles I use on myself or that are best for 3b-4c hair lol.
Sorry... here's the pic,I'm a bit confuse how to style my hair without damaging it with scrunchies and braids and I want to get a haircut that suits me and my hair.I'm Asian but I wasn't born with straight and sleek hair. LOL.