Can't control my hair

I just started the CG Method.  I use As I am coconut co wash, follow up with Curl Keeper then Eco style gel.  I just started this yesterday.  I used trader joe's tea tree shampoo to clarify the first day then today used the As I Am.  My hair is still really frizzy.  I have 2A/ 2B hair on top but my hair tends to make ringlets underneath.  I have really thick, porous hair thats always dry.  Today though after the co wash my  hair was so soft, i was actually able to comb it when it was wet...can't even remember the last time i was ever able to do that.  I do have AG re coil and Fast food that i used before i started CG.  I liked the fast food but the re coil seems to make my hair greasy feeling.  So my question is, how do i stop the frizz and better define my curls? I've been wearing it curly now for 4 years but no products ever really worked.  I used moose and it was OK but made my hair crunchy so i was hoping the gel would help.  I think a cream would weigh my hair down too much so maybe an oil? I attached a pic of my hair so you can get a good idea of what it looks like.  I think once i master how to use curl keeper it will get better but i do need help with the frizz.  Its winter here in WI so im not sure what i will do when its hot and humid.  Just for reference, i washed my hair at 6am, its now 11am and its still damp by my scalp, its very very thick hair i have.

3 Answers

try herbal essence mouse in number 2 or 3. Gives control without weight and that crunchy feeling
I'm really having good luck with the Deva Curl Curl Cream on my ends with the Deva Curl Volumizing Foam (mousse) on top. I also use some other products underneath but this helps with frizz. Most people don't experience much frizz from Curl Keeper so that's surprising. It is winter and your hair is dry. Since you just switched to CG you could probably benefit from a deep conditioner. I like the Hask Keratin protein pack it's small and inexpensive to try. If you really like it you can buy in bulk on Amazon. I deep condition with that or a Shea Moisture deep conditioner every week (avoiding the roots). Avoid glycerin as that can cause frizz and dryness in winter. My best recommendation is to keep a hair journal. Write down what you used and how your hair looked and lasted. It's helped me narrow down my best combinations. Have you tried diffusing your hair? You would get more curl/volume and could avoid wet hair in the Wisconsin in the winter. If you want to try the Deva curl products, I'd buy samples on eBay or from them if you can before splurging for the full size. Hope that helps. Best.
I think it depends on what level of hold you want.. I have thick,long, fine hair , that tends to be dry and loves protein. I am 2a-b, with some 3. I tend to like products that aren't designed for my hair , lol. I love hydrating type products with light hold. here are a few products I use a lot , interchangeably...1. Shea moisture curl milk , coconut or yucca2.SHea moisture soufflé and or smoothie3.Cantu define and shine custard4.african pride shea miracle curly custard5.OGX Hair butter (argan and coconut)6.OGX coconut curl mousse7.Shea moisture superfruit mousse8.Volumax gel, lalooks nutri curl gel --I'l layer milk or hair butter under styler , depending on the weather , and my hairs dryness. Good luck!  ( I tend to stick to more budget friendly ..)