Will tension method blowdrying/stretching hurt my hair?

I have recently discovered and tried the tension blow drying method on my 4C type hair and I love the look that it gives me; really stretched hair, but still an afro, and it lasts for a long time. I was wondering, if I did this every time I washed my hair, on a low heat setting, would it still highly damage my hair?

1 Answer

Heat and stretching will always slightly damage hair because our hair is so fragile. BUT I know that some people choose to style their hair this way all the time and still retain healthy, long hair. As long as you don't start experiencing unquenchable dryness or lots of breakage as a result (I doubt that will happen if you continue to moisturize very well and use a heat protectant), then it should be fine. Especially if it lasts a long time which means that you don't need to redo it often. Using a low heat setting, like you suggested, will help protect your hair too. Do what works for you and just make sure you keep your hair moisturized. You can also do deep conditioning treatments regularly (once a month of every other wash--whatever your hair needs) to help maintain moisture and health for your hair.I hope that helps!