Tips on getting hair professionally styled?

I am going to be getting my hair styled for a formal event and I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to prep your curly hair to look great when you get it styled professionally?I recently started taking better care of my curly hair thanks to all the great info I found on this site! My curly hair curls better than before and is more natural now. I am still fighting frizz and trying to find the best balance between moisturizing my curls with out making my hair too oily ( my hair tends to be on the oiler side). but its all a work in progress!It is usually suggested that you wash your hair the day before and don't put any product in it what so ever so that the stylists can work their magic but i am a bit worried about that because my curly hair does not do well with out any product, and all the products I have been using have made my hair a lot more shiny(not sure if its a healthy shiny) and I don't want to have horrible looking hair the day of the event. I was wondering if anyone had any experience about getting their hair done professional for a formal event like the pictures attached? and if there is something that one should avoid doing? or any tips that worked for you? Thanks in advance!

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