any tips for sleeping on wet curly hair? its such a mess when i wake up:(

so, i dont have time to wash my hair in the morning and i even if i do its before school and its wet for most of the day :( also my hair it quite flat at the top, any ideas how to create curls on the top? this is my hair.. 

2 Answers

Hi there!Maybe try braiding your hair in plaits the night before, or try the pineapple method and just gather it all at the top of your head and tie it loosely. As for creating curls at the top of your head, I'd say if using water and products doesn't work, your best bet might be to just finger curl/twist up to your roots. I have portions of my hair at the top that are flat as well, and that's the only thing that's given me 'real' curls up there. Product+water just makes it slightly wavy and still flat. Your hair needs to be wet when you do it, or else it might come out a little frizzy!Hope I helped some! :)
Braid your hair into four and wrap it with a plastic bag or shower cap, make sure you use a leave in conditioner before braiding ,that will help keep frizz away.