too much shrinkage!!!!!!

When my hair is straitend it goes down to my elbows, but when my hair is curly it shrinks up to my sholders! I hate it! I want my hair to look longer when i let it go natural! I already use alot of product. that helps with friz but it still looks short. ive tryed no product and that only makes it even shorter. My hair shrinks up and out kinda like a triangle. When its wet it looks so pretty and long but still has some curl. How can i get it to stay long and wet with curl? PLEASE HELP!!!!!thanks:)

3 Answers

Hey Kiersten,Shrinkage happens to us all. It is what it is. You might have to just fall in love with that part of being curly. BUT, there are some ways to help reduce the amount of shrinkage. I LOVE braids. They are a great protective style but also help to elongate your curl pattern. Here are 5 more ways to stretch it our, girl.
With wash and goes, curly hair is almost bound to sit on top or barely below the shoulder. Just check out Alicia James and Naptural85 on YouTube. Their hair is waist length when stretched yet shoulder length when shrunken. It’s just the beautiful nature of our hair. Great ways to stretch your hair are by trying some of the following styles: -flat-twist outs -magnetic roller sets -braid outs -banding
Right you are Nikki & Amanda :)Here are some other ways to stretch your wash and go: bunning method at the bottom of the article:, like in the article Nikki linked to, if you do your wash and go at night, then pineapple or bun every night till you wash again, your hair should be a little more stretched every day. hope that helps!