Any Type 2 Curlies Who Sleep With Wet Hair?

I'm just curious if there's a way for a type 2 like myself to be able to shower at night and have decent curls in the morning. I have lots of issues with canopy frizz so I thought sleeping on it could help, but I also don't have good elasticity... I saw this and was intrigued

2 Answers

I dont know whether you would get a sweaty and hot head though - if you imagine that your hair is wet, add heat and what do you get...steam! I have 2a/2b hair. I am lazy and have hair that takes hours to dry... so I have a bath very late and when I rinse my hair I get the excess water out, put in a load of hair product (everything - oils, curl creme etc) and "plop" my hair into a tshirt. I put a towel on my pillow and just go to sleep. Now, the trick in the morning is to have a spray bottle of water handy. If you wake up and its looking a bit wrong just do a couple of sprays sides and back and a wee bit more product and style as normal. I find that I rarely overload my hair as the tshirt soaks up anything my hair doesnt absorb. Also you could use a hair net. 
Yep, I sleep with wet hair! Since the top layer of my hair tends to frizz up, I lay my hair straight out behind me over my pillow. Before I lay it out though, I flip a small amount of hair from my lower layers towards the top of my head, almost like a braid but with two thick lower strands covering the top layer of my hair. I lay it out in that position and let it dry!