Type 4 hair just washed: Can you style it?

My hair is 4C. When I wash it, I braid it over night to stretch it out. The next day it is still very coily but I usually style it by doing a flat twists either side of my head or two flat twist from back to front and pinned. My mum says I can't style my hair when it is coily, it doesn't look groomed and looks immature. She says I should only style fully stretched hair.We have this back and forth after every wash day. I like my hair coily and stretched, I think they both look neat, as long as the style is neat. Thinking of getting braids to have a break from the constant comments.Edit:I appreciate my question going from unanswered to NC article, very cool! However, the article misrepresents what I said. The article states and implies that I don't stretch my hair after washing and let it dry in a wash and go before styling. Not true. In my first sentence, I state that I stretch my hair at night. The next day, it's only 80% stretched, and that's what the issue is.Funny thing is, I don't do wash and go's often, I've only done them about 3 times in the 4 yrs I've been natural.

1 Answer

I apologize for reading that incorrectly. The only way to stretch your hair 100% is to blow-dry and then flat iron. Are you asking how to stretch it 100%? I am confused on your question.