How to Use Flexi Rods?

Hello! I have 3A-3B hair and I wanted to know how to use flexi rods... should I use them on damp or dry hair? Would I have to do a bit of blow-dry straightening first? I definitely am going to be sleeping in them overnight regardless. I'm mostly asking because I want a couple inches of my root to be straight, which I think they would but I don't know. PLEASE RESPOND! Thank you!

2 Answers

Hi there, I think these links might help you. Naptural85 in the first link works with dry hair, Mahoganycurls in the 2nd link works with moisturized hair, just see which tecnique looks better to you. Good luck!
Shewolf, I have to tell you: sleeping with those things are hell on earth. I just tried them yesterday and they are uncomfortable to sleep in, my scalp is very sore. I don't recomend you to sleep in them. If you want the root to be straight you have to blow dry that part, otherwise it will be curly and wont match with the rest of the curl.