We've had a breakthrough and I'm so proud

So I've been natural for two years. My husband has seemed indifferent to the whole ordeal thus far. He rarely ever has an opinion and rarely ever has a comment aside from mentioning that he likes my curl pattern. Well because he never says anything about my hair, I've always just assumed that he doesn't like the fact that I went natural. Well, this evening I'm laying in bed when I get a text message from him with a photo of a natural hairstyle. I was so confused so I called him and he says, "Thats a natural style and I really like it. You should try it. That would look nice on you." Let me just say, I actually felt tears of joy well up in my eyes. This has never happened!!! I feel like we have finally crossed some sort of milestone!!!!! Yes LAWD!!! Lol!!! I know this isn't a question but I needed to share! 

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