What do you do when you've used too much product?

I have type 3a hair. I used too much hair milk. My curls look great, they are really defined...but they feel greesy and look wet at the ends. Is there something I can do to fix this? Or am I stuck with greesy locks till wash day?

2 Answers

I have had this happen before, sometimes I will re- mist my mid length to ends with water , then I scrunch the hair with a T-shirt ( to get out some excess product) Squeeze a lot. gently.. This might not work on your roots though, but its worth shot . I have noticed some products are just to oily for my hair . Try less next time, just to make sure its not the product.. Hope this helps . Good luck
When I've done this I found that by 2nd and 3rd day the ends looked good! It had absorbed in and rubbed off. However, if you really need to "undo" the situation a bit I recommend squeezing/scrunching/blotting w/ a brown paper bag much like blotting papers for your face. And after that lightly mist w/ dry shampoo (don't apply to much or you could have ashy gunky ends--you can always add more).