Want to grow my hair out a bit but don't know what to do with it (Male Mixed Race)

I'm half white english and half Caribbean and my hair is in between 4B and 4C although I'm not too sure. As i said before i want to grow it out a bit (probably on top) and I like the fact then when i leave it for a while it get's a bit softer and loosens up, but when i wash it it shrinks drastically and is tough to comb or brush. I've tried blow drying and ghd straighteners but as my hair is so thick it just makes it dead straight and difficult to keep down. Some advice on what to do with it would be great. Maybe something of this consistency would be nice although I'm not sure it is achievable cozy-qa-curly-hair-care-for-multiple-hair-typesMany Thanks!PS the pictures attached are when it's been washed

2 Answers

Have you tried using styling gels or creams?  
yeah they normally just make it stick up super straight like gareth gates back in the day, what type of gel/cream would you normally recommend?