Wash and go problems

Every time i do a wash and go, my ends are defined but my roots lack definition and is always frizzy. I apply products on my roots first and rake and smooth it throughout my hair. Also, the curls in the front are looser and it always ends up being frizzy and lack definition.

2 Answers

Might be an issue of products. Also, I would try applying the products from ends to roots. What products are you using? What's your hair type? 
maybe try using lighter products? i had a similar problem; my ends would be defined curls while my roots were close to my head and i looked like a triangle. i ended up switching conditioners (i use pantene daily renewal conditioner) which is a lighter one and i use a light cream instead of a heavier hair butter and now my roots are just as curly as the rest of my ends. hope i helped a little bit.