How do you do a wash&go, specifically on transitioning hair?

i would love step by step instructions. I also think i have 3c/4a type hair. Its more curly in the back but wavy in the front. I recently cut off around 1 1/2 inches so i still have straight pieces, predominatly in the front, but it made my hair curl up more. The only products i have are aussie conditonder, cococunt shampoo from organix, olive oil gel, shea moisture conditioner as a leave in, and shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie.. Any other products i should buy?

1 Answer

Wash & go's aren't common nor recommended for transitioning hair because you still have the new growth and the processed ends. Processed ends aren't ever made to withstand air drying or a wash & go type of styling method; they're conditioned to be styled with heat appliances. So for your hair to be wash & go ready you're going to need to let the those processed ends go