Waves are Covering Up my Curls. 1/2 wavy 1/2 Curly

My hair is wavy (2B) at the top center of my head and these waves cover up my curls (3B) when loose. My hair is curly at the sides and from my neck to the top center of my head. I like my curly hair way more than my wavy hair. How can I make my wavy hair curlier? If this is not possible how can I style it or cut it in a way that makes my curls stand out??

3 Answers

The first thing that comes to my is that it may be the length of your hair that's causing the upper curl to stretch out into a wave. Judging by your picture,your hair seems pretty long, which could weigh down your curl. In terms of styling, you could try getting your hair layered, but you'd have to make sure to go to someone who knows how to cut curly hair. Otherwise, I've heard that the curly girl method has proved to be successful in maximizing wave and/or curl pattern. If you start  practicing that, you may be able to enhance your curl without cutting your hair.
What DomiCurl said. Also, it could be that the outer layer of hair is drier or more damaged than the protected hair underneath. I have that problem as well. Sleeping on a satin pillowcase, not blowdrying, etc., is supposed to help. (Can't really say yet, ask me again in six months.) 
I have the same problem!! for me anyways I think it has to do with A. natural variance of pattern and B. when drying the top outside curls/waves are sort of stretched over the bigger part if that makes sense...so instead of drying it the way you would part your hair normally dry it in a middle part and then when it's completely dry use your fingers to gentle part it! hope that makes sense..usually if I do that they curl more!