Is there any way to add volume to my hair near the roots?

My hair already has a lot of volume... at the ends. But I would like to add volume near the roots without adding volume everywhere else, because my roots are excessively flat. Any suggestions? 

2 Answers

Hi there,Straight after you have washed/conditioned your hair, part it on the wrong side or in a way you never usually part it. When it is partially dry, use a fishtail comb to re-part it to where you want. Careful not to handle your curls too much in the process though!I've found that the plopping method is also great for getting volume at the roots. Straight after washing/conditioning when your hair is soaking wet, fingercomb through your usual products and seal with an oil.Scrunch dry your ends with a microfibre towel then start plopping (CurlyPenny on Youtube gives a great tutorial for this). I find the longer you leave it in the better!Hope this helps.
try teezing your hair with a pick at the roots.