what are some ways I can style my fine 3b hair other than just leaving it down?

Ive tried braids and all types of other styles but my fine 3b hair doesnt make anything look good and so I am stuck with just leaving my hair down. Can you guys give me some styles that can work for my fine hair, protective styles will also be greatly appreciated. And maybe also recommend some good styling products (gels, creams, etc.)

2 Answers

What I LOVE doing with my hair is when it's damp twisting different chunks of hair so it's more spirally or my hair isn't everywhere. I then blow dry it a little or a lot depending how "neat," I want my hair to look. Or I just let it air dry. It looks really nice and displays any highlights great! 
i have kind of fine hair too so i like to use two hair ties when i put my hair in a ponytail so it gives more volume. I also like doing half up half down with a couple curly q's left down the side, I always get compliments when i do my hair like that.