Ways to wear wet hair to bed

I have to shower at night and often have to wear my wet hair to bed. My hair isn't quite long enough to braid and every time I put it in a bun I feel like it gives me split ends. What is a safe way to wear my hair to bed that will still make it look good in the morning? Thanks for your time! =)

2 Answers

Don't know about yours, but my 3b/c hair's a frizz-bomb if I sleep on it wet. Have you tried plopping overnight? Read somewhere that short hair can be plopped by putting the t-shirt over your head, turning upside down, then finishing the plop process. Didn't pay much attention to the details, since mine is between armpit and bra-strap length. Maybe plop into a satin sleep cap? Hope you get some good results. LMK if any of this helps.
I've worn my hair wet to bed before and I've found a great way to do it:(If its 75% dry or more just put it in a pineapple or a super high ponytail) If not...-Put your hair in a "plop" (after putting in your hair product)using a long sleeves t-shirt to secure it tightly. The next morning your hair should still be a little wet but the curls will be super springy and pretty! I love how my hair looks when I do this!Hope this helps!