What are some good detangling tool?

2 Answers

One good detangling tool is a simple wide tooth shower comb: http://Shop.NaturallyCurly.com/product/naturallycurly-co...You can also use your fingers, which I find I like much better because I end up being more careful and losing less hair.Another easy one is water, meaning you should detangle when your hair is wet.Last but not least: conditioner. Saturate your hair with a slippery feeling conditioner and when you have let sit in you hair for a few minutes, it should make detangling easier.Some coily-haired gals like to dry detangle with their hair saturated with oils or a conditioner or detangler. Using oil took me forever, but it might work for you.
section your hair into fours and use a good conditioner with a lot of slip...oh and don't forget your wide tooth comb.....if you use your fingers make sure your nails are neatly filed so you dont snag at your hair..that can cause breakage