What can I do to limit the amount of split ends I have, and tame my poofy hair? Styling tips please!

My hair is type 2b, and it has a tendency to be dry and poofy towards the middle. It is very thick, and is just above chest length. It looks good when It's been in a low pony tail, but then slowly works it's way to being poofy and frankly not very nice looking. My roots are typically fine because they're straight. I wash my hair one or two times every week, and I only like how it looks about the fourth day after the wash! I'm in highschool and I would love to have that long, shiny, beautiful hair that so many girls have. I'm trying to grow it out but I always have so many split ends, even when I cut my hair! I have this argan/vanilla oil that I like, but a lot of products make the texture of my hair sticky. Also, any tips for growing out my hair nicely?

1 Answer

Regardless of what texture you have, if you're growing your hair long, it's good to deep condition every once in a while. The ends are the oldest part of your hair and it is also the furthest from your scalp, which releases the natural moisture (sebum). If you're getting split ends a lot, doing deep treatments more frequently would be the first thing I would try. Also, treat your ends nicely! I have long hair too and it's easy for my hair to get stuck under my purse strap, or back packs, etc. When I'm more aware of that and make sure that I move my hair out of the way before putting things on my shoulders (or move the bag first instead of yanking my hair out from underneath the strap) I noticed I get split ends far less often. Good luck!