What does smoothing shampoo/conditioner do?

I've been thinking about blowing out my transitioning hair for the first time (i haven't used heat since november!) and I saw some sulfate-free smoothing shampoo and I was wondering, does this stuff straighten?

2 Answers

It probably is full of silicones to smooth the cuticle. If it has non-water-soluble silicones, you'd have to use a sulfate-containing shampoo to get the silicone out. 
Well argan oil shampoos and conditioners are the best to keep your hair healthy, as long as they're sulfate and silicone free. I use one called Pro Natural’s, its an argan oil conditioner that salons use for hair that needs to be kept strong and healthy. It makes my hair sooo soft and it smells really good. The shampoo and conditioner is online. See if they're in stock because they sell out real fast. :)