What I can do about the back section of my hair?

I have super thick 3a hair and it gets frizzy VERY easily. One of the main problems I have with my hair is the back section, it's the most frizziest and has the most difficulty with curl-formation. No matter what I do, how much gel, mousse, or hairspray that I use, or hie many times I twist and scrunch, it'll STILL be frizzy. I use sulfate and silicone-free products(with the excpetion of my deep conditioner), I co-wash 2-3 rimes a week, and I cleanse once or twice a werSo, I was wondering what can I do about it: product recommendations(CG friendly), different methods and routines I should try out, etc.

4 Answers

Check the ingredients in your products to see if your hair dislikes one of them. Check for polyquats, glycerin, protein, just to name a few that a lot of people have issues with. I would also lay off the silicone deep conditioner, it could be adding some dryness and frizz.
I tend to have the same problem with the back of my hair if I start at the top or sides of my head when applying my products.  I flip my head over and start underneath and work my way through the back of the head before moving to the sides and front.  This gives me much more even product distribution and control over my back-of-the-head frizzies.
Just wanted to say I have the same problem. When applying products, start at the top and make your way down. 
Try applying the product right after your shower. Don't towel dry your hear or put it in a towel, Instead use alot of conditioner like deep conditioner and when you are doing the rest of your shower routine use a clip and leave the deep conditioner in the there until you are ready to get out of the shower. take some conditioner off but not all leave atleast 50% in your hair. When you turn of the water just flip your head upside down and squeeze all of the water you can out. even though you try to do this you should still feel like you have conditioner on your hair. after that apply gel on your hair and scrunch do this for like 3 mins without stoping then use a t-shirt and scrunch with your t-shirt atleast once in every section of your hair. Then atlast apply more gel on tillting your hair to each side when you apply it focusing on the back of your hair. OH AND DONT BRUSH YOUR HAIR AFTER YOU HAVE BRUSHED IT IN THE SHOWER!! this will mess up your curl formation and create frizz. I hope this helps! :)