What to do with short hair?

I just got my haircut today; most of it was heat damage and dry hair. Now, the back is shorter than the front, which is fine, but I have no idea what to do with it. Plus the front doesn't have a define curl pattern yet. Usually, I pull my hair back in a bun but its too short. I was thinking of blow drying it straight so I can style it better but I'm not sure. I took some pictures so hopefully someone can share some idea.

1 Answer

I really like the shape of your cut. The back being short and the front is longer. You can really get a lot of volume. Your hair IS GOING to grow back so might as well enjoy this fun asymmetrical length while it's here. Them long hair detangling sessions are around the corner. I say the easiest thing to do is a really defined twist out with the top portion, slick down the back and sides, and fluff it out. Here are some of my FAVORITE You- Tubers and how they style short/med length natural hair. Her roller set  kinda has the shape of your hair cut: How to: Heatless Roller Set Curls on Natural HairShe slays with the braids and twisted updos:       Tutorial | 5 Quick Styles for Natural Hair! -Short/Med #2    And although her hair my be a bit fuller and longer I think her bantu knot is bomb and would work for your hair. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjkZCm7CfYwLet me know if you try any of these styles!