What to do with the mess on my head?

I've found very few things that give my curls definition while avoiding the crunch. Went to get my haircut and explained pretty well what I wanted and what I got was much shorter. My shortest layer (stretching the curl out) is at the nape of my neck. While the longest is at my neckline. Strange when I said 'shortest layer should be at neckline. She also thinned it with shears. That aside I want to find a product that defines but doesn't make crunchy curls. My problem is that my hair isn't all one curl type. I have 2B in front on top, then the rest is a mixture of 3A and 3B. The curls don't really change when my hairs longer since I've had it that way before. When my hair is longer its hard to keep up with. LOTS of shampoo, conditioner, styling products...etc. Its coarse and thick. I have 3 children under the age of 5. I need something that I can shower stick something in it and go. I don't have time to straighten it even though it does pretty good but it takes so long because there is so much of it!! I need something light (my hair is heavy enough), nothing that adds volume, that will hold and not give it a crunch.

1 Answer

Have you tried Curl Keeper? You have to use a ton but it works and is crunch-free.