will dying my hair change my curls? How can i protect my hair after dyeing it

3 Answers

Coloring your hair can indeed change your curls. Your hair can become less curly and more porous.What are you wanting to protect your hair from after dyeing it? The dye is the damage. If you mean the sun, you're best off wearing a hat, especially if you applied red color, which can fade easily from the sun. 
Not really. I've been coloring for years now and haven't had any problems. But it is important that you condition and moisturize your hair. Deep conditioning it after you color is best. I use L'Oreal Feria professional hair color (hair salon version not commercial store bought), leave on for 20 minutes with plastic cap and sit under hair dryer. I rinse out hair thoroughly, no shampooing needed. Then I apply the L'Oreal Feria conditioning treatment, place plastic cap over hair and sit under hair dryer for 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. After rinsing I apply As I Am leave in conditioner in 5-6 sections. Then I apply coconut oil in sections. And if I want extra holding or more frizz control I use Eco Styler Gel.  
It depends from person to person. Also, you have to color your hair in stages. I've read that it's better to go darker than lighter. And if you want to go lighter, you have to do it gradually. I have highlights and I think my curl pattern has changed a bit. But I think it's a variation of things. If you want to protect your hair and curl patter what I've been doing is: coconut oil prepoo w/conditioner, braid outs, buns, using all natural products, and protein treatments