What is wrong with my hair?

I want to be able to wear my hair down without being conscious of how huge, frizzy, and chaotic it looks. I typically wear the top braided and leave some down, because my bottom layer isn't as crazy (however it recently has gotten a lot more coily/ringletly and I want it to be more soft/gentle curls). My hair use to not be like this as much, it was looser and looked like the curls stay together. I do not comb it at all, am gentle with it, leave cond. in for at least 10min each shower (using a sulfate free/organix brand), and shampoo only 1-2 times a week. I have tried a million products, currently trying Curls Up and Lanolin. If anyone has any tips to make my curls stay together and not be horrendous, please help. One pic is a pony tail after being down, one is half up half down.  Thank you

2 Answers

Hi . I think you should consider getting a deep-conditioner treatment once a week and use a big tooth comb . Its very important to comb it while conditioner is  still in it,  so that your hair can be tangle free and smooth . Your hair is very beautiful . Here's a gel for frizzy hair . If nothing works , try going to a professional hairstylist . 
Hi! Your hair does not look bad at all to me :) But, I can give you some tips.You said you leave your conditioner in for 10 minutes in the shower. Do you rinse it out afterwards? I personally do not rinse my conditioner out at all. It helps my curls stay moisturized.After your shower, do you use any products? I use Kinky Curly Knot Today to add some moisture to areas I may have missed with conditioner, and then I use L.A. Looks Sport Gel. My hair dries "crunchy" because of the gel, but once it's fully dry I scrunch it and I'm left with soft curls!Hope I helped :)