is 2 months post too soon to tell your hair type? What do you think my hair type is?

Hey guys ^-^so I'm new to the whole transitioning process, I am 2 months post relaxer, and even though I've gotten some new growth I still can't tell what my hair type is, my guess is about 4a - 4b but even then i get confused because I can't really differentiate between the two (lol)I looked at some hair type drawings that are supposed to help me with it but I still don't get it, and i've seen photos of different hair types, some look the same, and some look different than describedCan you tell what hair type I have?

2 Answers

you have to wait until your relaxer grows out. You can't really determine what hair type it is when you have straight pieces all the way up to your scalp
it looks 4a with little 3c