2 wks on cg method and confused, when do I put in curl activator, my routine -co wash, leave in, gel

My hair is wavy curly, course, low porosity, medium density.  I am not sure if my products are giving me maximum curl potential, currently using suave naturals to co wash, shea moisture restorative conditioner as leave in and echo styler olive oil for gel.  I have also tried an argon oil curl pudding after the gel but didn't get great results.  Please help!  My hair doesn't look to bad in pic but the back has a lot of barely wavy strands combined with loose spirally strands

2 Answers

I was going to say that the products were weighting your hair down but the front look good so you may have a different curl pattern in the back. Try using a lighter leave in and crunch the hair to help form the curl.
I cowash every 3 days or so and shampoo to clarify once a month. I deep condition once or twice a week depending on the week. Deep condition on damp NOT soaking wet hair especially for low porosity. When getting ready in the morning ide use a very light leave in conditioner or maybe just some water and aloe vera juice instead of a curl cream try using hair mousse. I find creams to weigh curls down more then mousse. once your mousse is in scrunch scrunch scrunch.