Another 2B CG newbie who needs help! Highly porous and medium texture.

I am new to the new CG ways and naturallycurly. I have medium texture and bleached blonde hair. Where my stylist says my hair is thick, it gets weighed down very easily. I need all the advice I can get on Conditioner washes, Rinse outs, leave ins, treatments and styling products. I hate crunch, if I crunch the gel to get rid of the hardness, my curls are ruined. I have medium length hair (to the top of my shoulders/collarbone) and need tips on styling after a shower. Styling and night is not an option this curly :(. I've looked at other forums but no one really talks about bleached dry hair so I would love any advice I could get! 

1 Answer

Have you had your last sulfate cleanse? If you're going to go CG you need to do one last sulfate cleanse to get rid of all the cones that are left on your hair. After that, stick to a light conditioner (something not very thick) to use as your cowash. It will take time for your scalp to adjust to this, so be patient. As for styling, be sure to style your hair while it's still really wet. Don't let it dry too much, otherwise you will get crunchy curls. If gels aren't your thing, try curl creams and mousse. But it really depends on the type of gel you use. I also cannot style my hair at night, and if I do, I have to wet it again (in the morning) to get everything back in place. Just style your hair in the morning and don't touch it the rest of the day to preserve the curl. Not sure about bleaching, I've never done it personally, but if it's dry from the bleach, I suggest doing hot oil treatments or deep conditioning weekly.  If you need more advice on going CG, check out this blog post. It's super helpful: