3c defined curls on one side, 2b barely waves on the other?

I'm 7 months into my transition and my hair has made a lot of progress. However I've been having a MAJOR problem. My curls are defined and hold on the right side of my head (3c), while the left is just barely a wave (2b). My hair literally looks like I cut one side shorter because the right side has more shrinkage and is way more defined. I mostly do braid outs but the 2b side barely holds the shape and my hair still looks uneven. The 2b side don't even hardly coil like the right. I want to attempt a wash and go but, I don't know how with this problem. Plus, when I co-wash and just let it air dry, it just looks like a frizzy ball with some curls hidden in it. I've been struggling with this for a while now, can anyone help?

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