my 3c hair is "poofing out" in the heat, help?

okay so I just started ninth grade and I have p.e. now. So my hair is damaged and it's been since October 2013 since I started going natural. So like my hair is curly, then BONEstraight, and then the ends are curly. I have side bangs too so it kindof looks weird. Anyways, when I'm outside running in the heat (I live in south Carolina) it gets bigger and looks really bad when I come from p.e. I don't know if it's humidity or sweat or what. Any products or styles?? I like to wear my hair down and untouched. Is there anything that can curl the middle to blend it a bit??

1 Answer

YEP!You have to try some transitioning styles and use anti-humectants. This is totally fixable. :)Okay so when you style your hair try products that block humidity. That will allow your style to last longer without it getting poofy. See these: 20 Anti Humectant Products for SpringNow these alone won't stop poofing but they will help curb it. So next you need a style. Think braids and twist. Braids will help your texture match all the way around. They are cool because you can do so many different things with braids. You can wear your hair out before PE and just braid it up before you go. I really like this one from Mahogany Curls. It can hide your curly ends too.  Also to match all your hair straight and curly you should try a braid out using a gel. I like  Ouidad's but they are pricey. Eccostyler works well too but make sure you seal it with an oil. These are my favorite braid outs on Youtube: this helps!!