The menopause - natural journey

52+, in the mist of menopause (for about 10 yrs now-no med only herbal), started transitioning 9.15.  Always had a full head of hair until about a year prior.  It's the reason I finally decided to go natural.  Started to notice more hair than usual in the sink after washing.  My beautician didn't see any different.  But after 30 years of relaxing I decided to change.  But not sure if I'm going to have anything to flat twist soon.  I don't want to do the big chop but I have been snipping about 1\4 to 1\2 a month so it's still growing. The tangling is the WORST and a lot of shedding from the root during /after washing.  I've been using Bk  castor oil throughout the head (thinning  areas ), coconut oil,  carols daughters,  sheamoisture,  to name a few.  Nothing is working tee shirt dried nor mostly air dried.  Plain and simple please someone HELP !!!...!  Not sure which editor to select, somewhere between 4a/4c not sure because of the relaxer, so I go with the middle queen.  Please put my case at the round table. 

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