Any advice on how to control excessive hair breakage?

Ok so here's the backstory: I've been getting perms since I could remember. Last year I decided to dye my hair a light brown color. It was really nice. I continued to get relaxers after dying my hair and I straightened my hair every few weeks. Early this year I attempted to retouch my roots. I bought the same hair dye and did thought I knew what I was doing. Well my hair turned orange...I hated it so much that I dyed it again the next day (both permanent dyes, I know it was a bad idea). About two weeks later I dyed it again black (I know I know bad idea ). And ever since my hair has been breaking out excessively. When I run my fingers through my hair it just breaks off. It's not shedding because there is no white bulb. Since the last hair dye I decided to go natural to try to give my hair life again. It's been three months post and it's STILL breaking off. I have a ton of new growth and I'm afraid all my hair will break off before I can even big chop. I don't straighten my hair (mainly because I can barely comb it) and I wash every week. I've tried moisturizers, leave in conditioners, reconstructors, everything. And it won't stop. My hair dresser recommended a smoothing treatment by design essentials. She would put it in for me and it is supposedly 100% chemical free. I'm hesitant but idk what else to do. Sorry this was so long but I'm very stressed out! I've had my hair straight all my life and this transition has been really hard for me mentally. (All of the dyed hair on my front left side has broken off  and is all new growth now) 

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