Been Transitioning for 3 months from heat damage. When should you start seeing you hari turn around?

It takes a lot to get my hair to curl. I have to twist it with a comb soaking wet and then scrunch. The ends barely curl(i'm cuting the heat damage gradully). My hari just seems worse now that im not straightening it. its broken and is much shorter then before

1 Answer

Transitioning is tough. So many newly natural get frustrated with the two different textures and decide to chop it all off or succumb to going back to relaxed/ heat processing. The good thing is you've made it 3 months so we know you're capable of making it further. The great thing is your hair just appears short because the natural part is a whole new texture and isn't as straight as your use to seeing. As long as your hair isn't breaking at the root or in whole strands, then its probably just the straight pieces falling off because they're damaged from when your hair was heat processed. If it's more than just a difference in texture, then perhaps majority of the hair cuticle is damaged and it is causing the entire strand to break. With a good moisture rich routine you can see your curls spring to life in 1-3 months. Consistency and patience is what gets you the results you're seeking.