Beginner in need of help!

I am in need of some major help! I started transitioning about 6 months ago and I found out I have no idea what I'm doing. I've had my hair relaxed up until this point. I recently found out I have two different hair types. I want my hair to grow and I want it to look pretty. I went to a professional to help me with it and all she did was wash it and straighten it. That didn't help at all. I figured out that one type of hair (my under layer) is 3c and I don't know what the top is, I can't tell. I want to just chop all the relaxed part off but my boyfriend doesn't want me to and he won't budge on it no matter how I try to explain it to him (he doesn't have curly or kinky hair, it's straight as a pin). I am literally in tears right now and I feel like a failure.  I'm trying to figure out how to transition while kepping the ugly relaxed part. Any advice is welcome! Please help!

3 Answers

ok first of all calm down. Since you are transitioning, your hair needs to be as healthy as possible.deep condition at least once a week paying attention to your new growth.never let your hair become dry! Some great transitioning styles ate flexi rod sets, curlformers sets and buns. Just hang in there!
Try focusing on curly styles to get you thru the transitioning process. I'm married and I had to go thru the process last year. My husband isn't very vocal because he knows I'm gonna do what I wanna do with my hair. The process is difficult and takes some patience but find styles that work for you, don't use too much heat or you'll end up with damaged hair. Try not to let him stress you too much. When I was transitioning, the only thing I could do was wear braids and other protective styles to get me thru. My husband didn't want me to cut either but he knew he couldn't stop me from doing so. My hair is currently only to my shoulders when stretched and much shorter when just curly. I'd say, find styles that work, stay away from too much heat and  do the transition for you. You will love your hair once you get past that hurdle of transitioning.
What do you want to do? Do you think that your hair will be healthier and easier to maintain if you big chop?