What would be the best way for me to begin transitioning

I have dry, weak, broken off, brittle, damaged hair. Im desperately trying to figure out how to make it healthy again. Whats the fastest way to transition?

1 Answer

Hair will continue to grow at a normal rate whether it be 1/4 inch to a 1/2 inch per month. To answer your question about transitioning the more accurate question to ask is what is the most effective way to transition back to natural. Box braids with extensions is great because new growth and processed ends are protected from environmental damage. Transitioning through manipulation such as twist outs, Flexi Rod sets, etc. aren't bad however, in the summer months due to humidity and heat, the hair will swell up causing the ends to be limp and ruining the hair style. Some other options would be buns, Bantu knots, blow outs. The more extreme yet reasonable choice would be the big chop. So there are many options but the most effective would be buns and braids with extensions.