Big dry patch of hair! HELP!

I'm transitioning but I'm not big chopping. I don't feel the need to seeing as my curls look perfectly fine since the person that did my relaxers never did them right. Anyway, I have a patch of dry frizzy hair at the bottom left side of my hair. It makes me feel SUPER self conscious and I need help fixing it! Also, the bottom of my hair, towards the nape of my neck, is a good inch longer than the rest. Any suggestions on what I should do about uneven growing?Thanks!

2 Answers

Okay, so I have this problem to! My hair will be fine except one section that never ever is nice looking! This is what I do to make it manageable. I'm sure other people will have great ideas as well, but here goes nothing. In the shower I condition as usual, but in the dry spot I deep condition it every possible night. As well, when I'm fixing my hair (mousse, gel, etc.) I rub conditioner through the spot and wet it more. I hope this helps! I'm sorry if it doesn't, oh, and by the way, from your picture your hair looks gorgeous!Hope this helps,H A L E Y    C. 
MY hair is the exact same. What i do is braid that section overnight seal the braid with oil unbraid it in the morning and add a butter to it.