Why the breakage hair is growing curlier?

Hi guys! I really need your help and I feel that in order for you to help I need to tell my story. My hair type is 2c and I been struggling with curly hair for long time so in 2015 I decide to straighten my hair, the hair stylist used a relaxer that was to strong for my hair type and leave my hair stretchy and extremely damage, I wasn´t happy enough and decided to do a keratin treatment with another hair stylist, but again the treatment wasn't done correctly. In april of 2016 I straighten my hair at home so I ask my cousin to do it, the result were great until I washed my hair I saw all the hair the was breaking. Now I have short pieces all over my crown and they are growing more curly like a 3a, even if I flat iron them they still curl.Sorry If it's too long or If there's any grammar mistake, English it's not my native language.

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