Breaking up clumps & encouraging ringlets

I've just started trying to bring out my natural curls this year after realizing I had curly hair my whole life and just didn't know it. Anyway, I can get random bits of my hair to form springy little ringlets, especially around my face and ears, but really everywhere sometimes. I know all of my hair can do it because when I pull my hair back in the summer my "frizz" is actually a bunch of perfect little single strand coils.My hair goes straightish wavy if I manipulate it at all when it's drying, and I am really struggling to get any wave at the back.Here's a pic of what it looks like today (not totally dry yet, but you can still get an idea).Anyone have tips for breaking up curl in difficult hair that falls flat very easily?

2 Answers

Not sure why image didn't post. Here it is.
oy vey this thing, I'll just link to the image. Check it out here.