can you get a curly perm on curly hair?

I used a curl softener 6 months ago and it made some strands of my hair straight and some curly:( i want to fix it with a curly perm but i was wondering if you can get a curly perm if your hair is already curly? would the curly perm still work or would the curls interfere with the curly perm? Would the curly perm change your curl pattern completely so it won't be a problem? I really want a curly perm but i don't want my hair to come out worse than it is! PLEASE HELP CURLY GIRLIES!!!

2 Answers

You probably could, but you'd really just damage your hair further and further. What kind of softener did you get? Will it wear off or does it have to grow out? 
I think it would work, it would change your curl pattern unless you just happend to find one the exact same patter (which is possible) and yes it would damage your hair but shouldn't be too bad