How to convience parents that curly hair is unique ?

I had a keratin treatment 2 times , and one ' straighting system ' treatment . I used to straighten my hair a lot the past 2 years because my curls were coming back . I personally liked curly hair but my parents HATE curly hair . I also used to have really tight curls so the treatments didn't really work that much ( it faded fast ) , now my curls aren't too lose but obviously they aren't as tight as they used to be and I'm totally fine with that because it still looks good. I'm trying not use any heat but my mom always want  to straighten my hair when we go out ,which I really hate because I just want my curly hair , straight hair is boring to me . But my parents think that the " ideal " hair pin straight hair and I can't convince them that curly hair is unique they just hate the idea of curly hair . I apologize if my English is bad 

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