Why is the crown of my head the only part that's curly?

I've been post relaxer for 26 months now. I haven't really done a lot of deep conditioning or a lot of hair care, but I do use regular conditioner everyday when my hair isn't straight and put in hair lotion right after and my curls have been growing pretty well. For the past 6 months or so, only the crown and back of my hair have curls. The top of my hair (the part that would show if you part your hair down the middle and wear it down) and my edges are completely straight and only have curls at the roots. I thought my hair would eventually grow out of this since it used to be curly all over but it hasn't. I do straighten my hair sometimes but I noticed the change when I wasn't straightening a lot. I do put my hair in buns a lot because I don't have another go to protective style. Is there anything I can do to get my curls back everywhere?

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