How to get my curl pattern back?

Well to start my hair was a beautiful 3b, but when I was attending school I decided to change it up. I did the keratin blowout and bleached my hair.....all I can say was that was the biggest mistake of my life and I'm paying for it now. I have two young sons and I know that having kids also changes your hair pattern a little but dang....I went from coils to dull waves. Its weird because the crown of my head my hair coils then past my ears its dull waves. I did the big chop and my hair reaches past me shoulder again but still my hair has limp curls. I don't dye or put any heat on my hair, yet my hair refuses to curl. I have tried many different products and different routines but nothing. Please I'm at my wits end, I miss my curls dearly. Any advice would be helpful.

1 Answer

Deep conditioning treatments is your best option. It will give your hair added moisture to restore your curl pattern and prevent hair from looking dry and limp. Shea moisture do a great conditioning treatment and so does ORS. You can also make diy masques with avocado banana coconut oil ect. Patience is also key, hair takes time to grow and to settle back into its natural state therefore being persistent with your routine and a healthy diet will boost the time it takes.