Why is my curly hair frizzier and in worse condition then before I started the curly girl method?

I have just recently started the curly girl method (1-2 months) but my hair seems to be getting worse and worse!  I was not a blow dryer or straitening iron fanatic- I respected my curls, but there were some things I was doing wrong.  I used to use Mane n' Tail shampoo and (LOTS OF) conditioner.  I would brush it in the shower and then braid it- letting the braids sit over night (When I didn't have time to braid it, I would scrub it dry with a coarse towel- Agh!).  However, I heard about the CG method and started right away.  I now use Onesta shampoo and conditioner and scrunch dry with a soft shirt. The problem is, now my hair is frizzy all the time (even when I follow the book exactly)- it's even frizzy when wet! My hair is in these giant tangles and mats (almost dreadlocks at times!) and the only way I've found to solve this is to rip the mats apart with a hairbrush.  I was wondering if any of you fellow curly girls know a solution to this problem or any way to help. Some Tips to Answer: 1.) I use enough conditioner- so that is not the problem.2.) I have Botticelli curls and long hair (relaxed on top- trying to change this)  

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