My curly hair isn't quite curlying in certain areas. Is it scab hair? Damaged hair? Please help! :)

I cut my BSL hair on August 1, 2016 about 3-6 inches. 3 inches on the side and back and about 6 inches on the top/crown. Creating a fauxhawk look. Well, I assumed my natural curls would spring as my hair has always been mostly curly but not in certain areas do to hot tools.  I then started to do perm rod sets, moved on to braids and now my hair can finally fit into a small curly ponytail which I use leave in conditioner, coconut oil Eco styler gel to pull my hair up each morning.Well, the crown/top part of my hair is barely wavy let alone curly.  I have straighented my hair one time on March 1st for length check and a trim. I straightened it on a low setting. My hair looks the same curly wise from before and after my heat. I don't know if that part of my hair is damaged? Different curl pattern or what? Please help tell me what to do. Below are pics of my current hair which is the shorter length. that is present dayalso below are pics of my flat ironed hair, and heat damaged curls before I cut my hair. Thougths? Anything I can do to get the crown of my hair curly. Trust me its much dryer and more coarse in person. HArd to get the full visual on photos.Hair HistoryNo relaxer, No bleach. Hot comb, Blow dryer and flat iron user my entire life.

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