damaged / natural hair?

guys, i need help. I'm a man and I have curly hair but i still didn't know what the curl pattern is because it's not long enough to be determine. I want to know if the hair strands in the photo below is my natural curly hair or it just damaged? the strands that i take is all from my crown (the most kinky part of my hair). My hair in the front and side is fine, but the crown is so kinky and the texture is broom kinda like. I used to do heat treatment and i often use rubber hair ties tightly. If the hair is damaged i want to cut off all of my hair and regrow with healthy determined curly hair, because i've read somewhere that damaged hair can't be truly repair without cutting it off. any opinion will be appreciated, thanks! :D

1 Answer

it's hard to tell in the pic what your hair type is, also if you straighten it regularly, etc...but you're right, severely damaged hair can't really be "fixed". I suggest cutting it off, starting completely over.