Desperately Searching "The OC" for a curly hair stylist! HELP

Hello, I live in Irvine, California, and I'm in the process of transitioning back to my curly roots. I've had one DevaCut so far but desperately need another because my ends are frazzled. But, I was very underwhelmed with the salon I went to AND I am pretty underwhelmed with Deva products. I don't feel that they are very nourishing for my hair. I'm still trying to use the Curly Girl method but I'm open to other cutting and styling techniques. I'm also still looking for the right products for me so it would be nice to find a stylist who has overall great experience and products for curly hair. They don't have to be Deva or Quidad (don't want to use Quidad products because of the sulfates and cones) but juya really knowledgeable, skilled, curly hair stylist. Can anyone help? I'm  bordering on breakage on my ends even though I just had the one DevaCut only 5-6 weeks ago.

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