How Can I Bring Life To My 3C Transitionsing Hair?

I Have Be Transitiong For About 4 Months Now. I Have Been Doing A Bantu Knot Out For Almost All Of My Transitioning Journey. But The Thicker My Hair Gets (Of Course From New Growth) My Hair Gets Harder To Twist And Becomes Very Dry And Life Less. Does Anyone Have Any Suggestions On Some Ways To Bring Life Back Into My Hair?

4 Answers

Have you tried shea butter? 
always deep condition in order to moisturise the hair and rinse with cold water. This closes the hair cuticle preventing frizz and activating shine. Good luck 
No I Haven't Tried Shea Butter Yet. But Thanks For The Responses
I dont know about any products that might help you but i know that I have thick 3c curly hair and twists outs seem to stay in my hair and work for me really well. They also give me alot of shine and life to my hair which is dull to begin with. I looked at this video on how to do it and I twist it out in the shower and sleep on it (with my hair wrapped up) and the next day when i take them out (make sure they ae completely dry) it looks great. If you have shorter hair this may not be as easy to do though :( do the two strand twists she demonstrates first.