Why does my hair seem to not grow even though i have stopped perming?

I  am African American and I always braid my hair to protect it. But it seems even though I have stopped perming it, every time I take it out of the braid in like a few months It breaks when i comb it and I feel its getting shorter.

3 Answers

Im not an expert but aren't the braids bad for the permed part? I bet that is the part of the hair breaking, I would say you need to be able to fully treat the permed part and in braids the task is difficult. Why don't you try other kind of protective styles while transitioning?
I   do  that  same  thing but I  just  don't comb my  hair  as  much because  it  shields a lot  and it can  cause  breakage  to my  ends  so I  mostly  brush and oil  my hair  as often as  possible. When needed.
Maybe the tension is causing some of your hair to shed from the root. If the braids are done too tight this can cause that problem. Maybe instead u should corn row & stitch in a medium/bob length weave......that why u can protect your natural hair maybe with less tension