Does anyone know any really simple protective styles?

I think kinky twist are breaking my hair since I do them so often. I don't know any styles that as simple as kinky twist to do. I would do sew-ins but i wouldn't be able to do any natural parts and lace part always look weird to me.Does anyone know   clip-ins(extension) or tracks that look similar to 4c hair.

2 Answers

I love doin french braids on my hair because I never do them exactly the same. It's also really easy to grab a couple of curls from the front top and pull them back secured with a crab clip or small elastic. Good luck!
Mini-medium sized twists are easy to do, maintain and style plus you don't need extensions. If you are able to flat twist, then there are styles that you can do with those as well. Also, crochet braids are becoming extremely popular within the natural hair community. If you're looking for a low-manipulation style, try finger coils. Here are a few links to the aforementioned styles: